The color of the year is vivid purple, Specifically, “PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet” is the chosen hue.

whats the big deal?

The role it is going to play in the fashion trends decoration and design for the things this year.

the fashion trends are hugely gonna see the coming up of his color, but it is nowhere important that you can just use the specific solid color, reading the sites, they ave been p25014710_1970802249840839_876735273315074048_n.jpgredicting that although vivid purple s the color of the year but we re gonna see a huge love towards the pastel color and shades of purple in outfits and leading fashion brands.

lavender shades are going to take over your wardrobe this year, not only that , color of the year is never just related to mere fashion, but every pat of your living, here are some ways you can help yourself be up to date with the new years fashion trends


Pantone hopes the blue and red, the colors used to designate America’s liberal and conservative politics, can become a more harmonious purple


Great your guests in a stylish way by serving them snacks in the purple crockery, slay it staying simple at the same time.


change your curtains, now that is something that will completely change the way your living space looks like, let the curtains be as simple as possible, because purple is already  wild color itself, okay if you choose for a pastel color a little embroidery would do good.


Ask your artist little sibling to scratch something from a purple pen on the canvas and yep, you have a modern at to hang on your walls once frame


things need not be a complete purple t wok out, you ca add a little bit of it in your textile, gold works really well with purple, use these combinations to highlight the furniture.



either opt for a statement piece of furniture or go for some makeover or change the cover of some of your cushions or change your head rest to some shade of purple.


take a glass bowl from our kitchen or take the empty fish bowl and add some purple colored pebbles into the piece, add some water, and put i floating  candles into it.


or just simply take some vine glasses and pour some purple paint water and put some alum and shake it let it dry and it gives up a beautiful pattern


add some purple pigment to contact-lens solution and pour it in the glass let dry, you get this.


some fashion inspiration lastly..

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