Screenshot_2017-06-06-13-08-25-410“Passenger, attention please…passengers…the flight would take off in a few minutes all the passengers are requested to put their cell phones to irplane mode…passengers attention please passengers.” cried the speaker around our compartment.

I looked around to see what everybody was doing. Nemo was gazing out of the window…. Maybe gazing at the air-hostess boarding the flight or maybe the other jets and planes on the runway.

Kevin was watching the “how-to-fasten-your-seat-belts tutorials.I don’t know why on the earth he was doing so given that this wasn’t his first time on a plane and that we were all sitting in a personalized compartment of the private jet.!

Zara was busy on her cell phone, going through the feeds as fast as she could.

Turning my head around I spotted Mandy and Trisha gossiping… their tittle-tattles were audible to everyone-single-body in the room.

Neil was quietly lying on the bed gazing up the ceiling with something going on in his professional mind.

Victor was sitting beside me on the couch and was playing with his football to and fro from one leg to another.

Finally, I spotted Scott, Hahahaha, pressing the button bell overhead….

While I was inspecting the whole room and that who was doing what, the someone opened the door of the compartment and every-bodies attention caught there accept of Mandy’s and Trisha’s who were still busy gossiping about ultra interesting stuff…

As the door opened we saw an air-hostess coming in….she entered the room and looked around to find out who was calling for her, finally spotting Scott she leads for him and going nearby asked for what he wanted.

“I am dead, waiting for the flight to take off, and then for someone to bring me some food, but it seems that it will take forever… I can wait no more. Please bring me something to eat…anything that you have right now.” Said Scott in his I’ll-die-if-I-don’t-get-some-food-right-now  tone.

“We have everything sir, place an order, tell me what you want to order.” She asked for the order.

“Bring me some burgers and French fries….” Called out Nemo from the other side of the room

“I want some coffee?” Victor told Zara.

“Me too”, ”Me too” Victor and Kevin.

More of some orders were placed.

Finally to which Scott added-“Now double this order and give one f it to me.” called his overly-hungry-greed.

“Are you ever going to try to lose some weight?” I called out in a health-conscious tone.

Scott completely ignored me… that’s when victor’s attention went to Kevin who was watching the tutorials on the television screen.

“Why do you want to learn to put the seat belts on?” asked Victor.

“No dude I am just into the teacher…she is so awesomely amazing” replied Kevin in flirtatious tone.

Harry who was previously busy untangling her locks shoots her attention towards Kevin just as he said the above dialogue. Her over-possessive-nature made her expressions easily recognizable to almost everyone in the room….but Kevin was not aware of the fact that Harry was furious….soon Nemo tucked him in his stomach with his elbows and nodded his head telling Kevin to pay attention towards Harry.

“I mean she teaches so awesomely amazing “ Kevin corrected himself and gave Harry a smile.

“I’ll teach you dear. You need not worry at all.” Said Harry with her eyes red.

“ I feel like watching a movie….can you please lemme switch to another channel? Also what you watching is pretty useless af.” Nemo trying to calm down the situation.

Kevin nodded in agreement and Nemo walked to Kevin and took the remote control to change the channel. Kevin took out his cell-phone and started scrolling, silently peeped at Harry and gave a grin to check if she was still mad or not. That’s just when the air hostess again entered the room with a trolley kind of thing in which our order was placed into two different trays …she walked to each and every one of us and correctly served every single one what ever they ordered…Finally, she walked to Scott and pulled out the other tray with a heap of food and slide it on the table next to him.

“Sorry for the delay sir. Is there anything else you need?” after a pause and no reply-“ okay ring the bell if you need anything thank-you.” And walked off the room.

Scott could wait no more and started to gasp up his food. My order was kept on the bed near to where I was sitting, I hadn’t started yet….I was busy on my cell-phone. Zara was also watching some video. It is just when the air hostess again came into the room and requested me and Zara to switch our cell-phones to airplane mode. Embarrassed we did so.

I knew that it is necessary to switch off our mobile phones…but didn’t want to. I have been prohibited from using my mobile for quite a long time. It was really difficult. That too at this time of the year…..When it is just a couple of days for Evan to turn 23. i wanted to stay in touch with him badly! But its fine, I can stay not using my cellphone for half-a-day than to anymore be away from him.

Finally! finally I was gong to meet him after 2 years….2 years of distance and 2 years of alone birthday, Christmas, alone celebration, we were finally going to celebrate his birthday together….and no only me and him….all of us…it as closer to a reunion…after almost 5 years….long back in school, that we all were going to meet each other all together…..really excited.haah!

But for now need to just leave him a text and then turn ff my mobile to airplane mode. duh!!!

hey, my mobile is almost dead and i need to board the
 flight for the miami auditions for this weeks show...
so i'll not be reachable for quite a time. love yah <3

He saw the text right away and replied

no worries. just wish me luck for tomorrow. even dad's in for it.

i knew he was insecure about tomorrow’s presentation. ll nail would love it. i know. good luck

I switched off my mobile phone, and soon the flight took off. i kept my phone aside and started looking out of the window. Fantasizing about what would  happen when we land in Berlin.




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